LTX QUEST brings reimagined multi-cultural, intergenerational and cross sector experiences to the US Latinx Market

— Aim is to increase Latinx representation in media, entertainment, tech, philanthropy, and social justice — — Join:—

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 8, 2021 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) - More than 4,000 Latinx business leaders, technologists, community leaders and creators will convene for a virtual community gathering at LTX QUEST.

LTX QUEST is an experience enriched by Latinx narratives, deep community building, and tech enabled opportunity creation across sectors including media, entertainment, tech, philanthropy, and social justice. Thousands of Latinx people will come together to inspire and build strategies that empower our communities across 4 different themes to embrace the tensions and opportunities that exist in our coalition. LTX Quest aims to create room for everyone to use their power to build a more equitable future for all: Future of Leadership, Latinidad in the Workplace, Acceptance versus Rights, Owning our Voces.

Organized by LTXConnect, the four-day experience will take place September 8-11, 2021, through interactive networking, pre-recorded and live-streaming sessions featuring more than 100 speakers across tech, media, entertainment, philanthropy, and social justice sectors with special highlights including:

— Academy Award nominated actor and immigrant rights advocate, Demian Bichir, and “A Better Life” director Chris Weitz in conversation with Carlos Aguilar, alum of the Roger Ebert Fellowship for film criticism whose work has appeared on Indiewire, Movie Maker Magazine, Americas Quarterly and Variety Latino

— NALIP’s Executive Director Ben Lopez, AEM Marketing & LACollab Co-founder Ivette Rodriguez, Director of Research & Civic Engagement for the Division of Social Sciences at UCLA Ana-Christina Ramón, and Variety's Film Award Editor Clayton Davis host a powerful discussion on how we can make an impact to ensure the success of Latinx representation in films and media.

— Award-winning journalist and MSNBC anchor Alicia Menendez in conversation with digital media, cultural leader and author Julissa Arce discuss debunking the myth of assimilation in the workplace

— Author, economist, and professor Dr. Manuel Pastor dives into the social and economic implications Latinx workers face in these times. and the power that Solidarity Economics can have in redistribution of wealth and power with Amplify Latinx Co-Founder Betty Francisco

— Philanthropy and racial justice leaders such as Dr. Carmen Rojas, President and CEO of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, and Michael McAfee, Executive Director of Policy Link in conversation with Brava Leaders Managing Director Karla Monterroso deep dive into multi-racial coalition building, new leadership values needed to better support Black rights movements and solidarity

— A discussion about the limits of Latinidad in supporting Afro-Latinx people with prominent Afro-Latinx leaders including Arianna Davis, Senior Director, Editorial & Strategy, Oprah Daily and Johnathan Green, Vice President of Programs at Marguerite Casey Foundation

— Co-Executive Director of Poder Latinx Yadira Sanchez, alongside Latino Community Foundation’s VP of Policy, Christian Arana, and LTX Quest Cofounder and Kapor Center’s Chief Tech Community Officer Lili Gangas will discuss the key takeaways and learnings of Latinx voter engagement this past 2020, role of technology in targeted mis/disinformation amongst the Latinx community in the Giant is Awake civic engagement panel

LTX Quest has partnered with top companies across sectors to connect them to Latinx talent and help increase representation of Latinx professionals in their workforce. This year we are happy to welcome Comcast, Capital One, Ebay, Salesforce, Amazon Studios, Capital Group, Endeavor, Deloitte, LinkedIn, Splunk, Silicon Valley Bank and LA Collab. During LTX Quest we’ll host a virtual career fair with these companies and there will also be breakout sessions led with their teams.

LTX Quest creates a much-needed space to bring Latinx leaders together to create opportunities to collaborate, connect Latinx talent to new career opportunities, build new skills for an era defined by the digital revolution and to mobilize for systems change by learning from the very activists innovating the American landscape.


LTX QUEST is FREE to attend. To register online, obtain agenda information, or for more information about LTX Quest, please visit



LTX Quest welcomes media who are employed by accredited news organizations to apply for media credentials to cover the event, to request for media interviews, or to attend media-only events. Please email


LTX Quest is a 4-day virtual experience on September 8-11th bringing together 4,000+ attendees from a cross section of sectors of culture and influence. LTX Quest is committed to remove barriers and create spaces for our community to dialogue, listen, and craft calls to actions to increase representation of Latinx across technology, entertainment, media, philanthropy, and social justice.

Along with our 50+ Latinx led/serving nonprofits and advocacy organizations such as LA Collab, Latino Community Foundation, WeAllGrow, Techqueria, Latinas in Tech, BELatina, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, Hispanic Heritage Foundation, dev/Mission, 2U, Amplify Latinx, Poder Latinx and thanks to our sponsors which include Comcast, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon Studios, Endeavor Foundation, Salesforce, CapitalOne, Deloitte, eBay, Airbnb, Silicon Valley Bank, Roku, Capital Group, Splunk this experience is completely free to remove barriers of access.

LTX Quest is: Pro-Black, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Indigenous, Pro-Queer, Pro-Worker.