Sustainably Crafted IZO Spirits is Now Available in Select Costco Stores Throughout Mexico

—By popular demand, Co-founder Gaston Martinez - native of Durango - proudly expands distribution of the locally-crafted, uniquely historic premium IZO Mezcal to select MX Costcos —

SAN DIEGO, CA - September 9, 2021 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) - Now, many Mexico Costco shoppers can experience the superior flavor of IZO Spirits Mezcal through their favorite wholesale warehouse. A Mexican native and Mezcal connoisseur, Co-founder and CEO, Gaston Martinez established IZO to share the historically smooth flavor of traditionally distilled spirits with the world. Now, Martinez takes his mission one step further by adding a superior, hand-crafted IZO Mezcal to select Mexico Costco stores.

“We’re thrilled to expand on an original vision to bring the culture and flavor of classically crafted Mezcal to area communities,” shares Martinez. “Part of our premium IZO collection, this distinctive spirit is sure to be an instant favorite, both as a mixer and by the sip.”

For over 25 years, the term “Mezcal” has served as the legal definition of agave spirits originating from nine specific Mexican states, including Martinez’s hometown of Durango. IZO Mezcal features nothing but wild grown, hand-harvested Cenizo agave hearts, each slow-roasted atop smoldering oak in lava rock-lined fire pits. Buried beneath tarp and dirt, the hearts bake for several days before being fine-ground to extract the precious juice within. After naturally fermenting, this liquid endures two rounds of distillation, then is filtered twice more to remove impurities.

The result? An irresistibly smooth IZO Mezcal for all occasions. Discover a subtly smoky flavor and clean, bright finish perfected centuries ago through a historic roasting and distillation process - now meticulously controlled from ground to glass by IZO’s Master Mezcalero, José Gonzalez.

Discover a growing collection of sustainably crafted IZO Spirits online, including Mezcal Joven, Mezcal Ensamble, Mezcal Reposado, Mezcal Añejo, Sotol, Bacanora and Tequila Extra Añejo Cristalino. Taste a proud heritage of perfectly-balanced flavor sustainably distilled “from ground to glass,” and explore the rich history behind the authentic IZO brand. For an interview with company Co-founder/CEO Gaston Martinez, contact Jessi Kopach at

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About IZO Spirits:

Co-Founder and CEO, Gaston Martinez is a native of Durango, Mexico - IZO Spirits is a collection of premium, handcrafted agave spirits produced sustainably right in the heart of his rural hometown according to centuries of tradition. Made sustainably from slow-roasted, wild agave hearts harvested on local ranches, every sip of award-winning IZO Mezcal speaks to generations of Mezcaleros bringing people together around shared values of community, celebration, and savoring the reward of a job well done.

Every aspect of IZO Spirits pays respect to its point of origin, from the locally-sourced Onyx featured atop the bottle to the elegant, minimalist design that allows the flavorful spirit within to shine. The pure, sophisticated taste of IZO Mezcal tells the story of centuries’ old Mexican tradition and of one man’s vision to share it with the world.

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